All donations are tax exempt, we are now a registered PBO 930076544 and can issue a Section 18 A tax exemption certificate.

Blind Love has expanded over the last 20 years and our programs currently include

– The Thaba’nchu Cart Horse Outreach Program

– The Grahamstown Working Donkey Outreach Program

– Herd by a horse

– Our Sanctuary horses and donkeys 

Blind Love is a registered NPO. Registration number 231-107 NPO. 


We provide a safe, loving forever home to horses in need; as well as improve the lives of all animals in our surrounding disadvantaged communities through education and access to essential veterinary services


Creating a more humane society in which all animals are treated with respect and kindness.


Blindlove began in 2005 when Philippa, the founder and director, took in her first rescue horse, Victoria. Very quickly word spread and the number of rescue horses grew.

In 2011 disaster struck and one of the horses was diagnosed with Equine Recurrent Uveitis (ERU), a horrible disease that is the leading cause of blindness in adult horses. She was advised to end this horse’s life.

After hours and hours of research, she became more determined than ever to not only give her horse a healthy, happy life but to also try and raise awareness of the plight of blind horses in South Africa. This was the founding inspiration for establishing a Non-profit and for the name ‘Blindlove’.

Blindlove has expanded over the past 16 years to include three more programmes these being our Community Outreach Veterinary Clinic Programme, our Human Education Programme and our new programme, Herd By A Horse.