Thabiso Mokone

 Thabiso is an excellent horseman and has become an extremely valuable member of our team. The communities we work in trust,respect and engage with him  on all levels,which in invaluable.

Johannes Mossie

Johannes has worked here for almost 4 years. He cleans out paddocks and stables daily, mends fences, fills feed bags, washes out water troughs and generally keeps an eye on daily life, calmly watching over our blind horses, leading around any colicky horse etc.

Dr Janine Hoskin

Dr Janine is the young CCS vet this year.She is passionate about horses and has become an absolute champion for the cart horses and their plight. She is extremely compassionate and works so well not only with the horses but in the cartie community.

Philippa du Toit

I’m actually trained as an artist/potter but have always been an animal rescuer! Our work here at Blind Love,( although extremely tough at times),has taught me so much about myself, about life,community, perseverance, forgiveness, hope, and above all else the healing power of love.



I would also like to say a big thank you to our local veterinary clinic in Ladybrand. Dr Ann de Vos and Dr Ingrid Metz, without them our community outreach clinics would cease to exist.