Outreach Cart Horse Clinics

We have established a bi- weekly outreach clinic with the cart horses in the Thaba Nchu area. We currently have 80 owners on our database, each owning between 6-20 horses. That’s more than 1000 horses we are potentially reaching!

We have established a subsidized feed program for these horses, delivering over 2 tons of feed per month!

We have also implemented a Primary Healthcare veterinary Program in Thaba Nchu with these cart horses. All horses are vet checked, treated for internal and external parasites, minor injuries and wounds are treated and owners are given advice on general Horse healthcare and welfare.


  • medication
  • vaccinations
  • bandages
  • tack for cart horses
  • de-wormers
  • feed
  • petrol
  • printing of educational flyers we can distribute

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