Herd By A Horse

This is a new program we have introduced with some of our sanctuary horses (not all are suitable!), giving them a new ‘focus’. This program allows the children from our local Children’s Home to come and spend time interacting with our rehabilitated horses, (as well as pursuing other creative activities in our studio!). At the moment there are 12 children in the group, ranging from 6-16 years old.

Interaction with these horses is invaluable, as many of these children have had to witness the utmost forms of violence, often displaying signs of post traumatic stress disorder, fear and depression. It’s not only about healing and increasing self esteem, but enriching their lives, giving them a medium in which to express their emotions, as well as about being outside, close to nature!

Because we use our sanctuary horses in this program( all of whom have suffered some sort of neglect and/ or abuse in their past),we want to avoid an environment where the horses become mere ‘tools’ for human healing, instead creating a mutually beneficial healing relationship between horses and humans


  • t-shirts
  • branded caps for the kids
  • Petrol cost
  • lunch
  • art supplies
  • renovation of a suitable building as an art room


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